About Us

Rooted in Community - Cultivating the Future

At Wyoming Hemp Company, we believe that the best way to build a sustainable future is to work together. That's why we're committed to supporting farmers, the environment, and other businesses in our community. 
We're the only one of two industrial hemp campuses in the United States that combines research plots with an operational milling/packaging facility. This unique approach allows us to test and develop new products for ourselves and others, while also providing farmers with a market for their crops. Our hurd and other raw materials can be used in a wide variety of products, from animal bedding to construction materials. We're committed to finding new and innovative ways to use hemp, and we're excited to partner with others who share our vision.

Our Team

We're proud to have a team of dedicated and passionate individuals who are working to make Wyoming Hemp Company a leader in the hemp industry.   

Justin Loeffler:  Owner Operator

Jennifer Reimers:  Operations

Dr. Connie Reimers-Hild:  Futures & Sustainability 

Adam DuBose:  Engineering

Jade Reimers:  Facility Manager


Our Mission

Our mission is to cultivate a sustainable future for Wyoming and the world through the power of hemp.  We believe in the power of hemp to revolutionize our way of life. We're working with farmers and businesses to build a strong hemp industry in Wyoming and the United States.