Small Animal Hemp Bedding on Chicken House Floor

Deep Bedding for Chickens: A Hygienic Solution for Chicken Keepers

Deep bedding is a simple and effective method known to keep your chickens healthy and happy in a small space. It is especially well-suited for chicken keepers who do not have enough yard space to pasture their flock.

Deep bedding works by creating a compost pile inside your chicken coop. The chickens will scratch and turn the bedding, which helps to aerate it and promote the growth of beneficial microbes. These microbes will break down the chicken manure and other organic matter in the bedding, creating a warm and sanitary environment for your chickens.

Deep bedding offers a number of benefits for chicken keepers, including:

    • Low-maintenance: Deep bedding is a low-maintenance way to keep your chicken coop clean and sanitary.
    • Warm and comfortable environment: Deep bedding provides a warm and comfortable environment for your chickens, even in the winter.
    • Pest and disease control: Deep bedding helps to control pests and diseases.
    • Valuable compost: Deep bedding produces valuable compost that can be used to fertilize your garden.

    If you are interested in trying deep bedding for your chickens, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

      • Make sure that your coop is well-ventilated. This will help to prevent the bedding from becoming too wet and smelly.
      • Do not use straw or hay as your bedding material. Straw and hay can mat and become difficult for the chickens to scratch and turn.
      • Be sure to add carbon-rich material to the bedding on a regular basis. This will help to absorb moisture and odors.
      • Clean out the bedding once a year or so, or when it becomes too wet or compacted.

      Deep bedding is a great way to keep your chickens healthy and happy in a small space. It is a low-maintenance and sustainable way to manage your chicken coop.

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