Wyoming Hemp Company Processing Mill in Hawk Springs Wyoming (Renée Jean, Cowboy State Daily)

Wyoming: The Future of Hemp? It's Already Happening

Forget what you think you know about hemp. A Hawk Springs farmer named Justin Loeffler is turning this crop into a Wyoming powerhouse, and he's not waiting around for permission.


"So, while he’s figuring out which varieties grow best in Wyoming, he can also be looking at which varieties work best for bedding and other purposes." - Hawk Springs Farmer Works To Scale Up State’s Hemp Industry (Renée Jean, Cowboy State Daily)


Wyoming-grown hemp means better solutions for our farmers and ranchers, smarter ways for land reclamation, and sustainable fire-resistant building materials. This isn't about getting rich quick – it's about doing things the Wyoming way: sustainable, smart, and built to last.


How could Wyoming-grown hemp benefit our state and its people, AND what new products or solutions could it make possible? Let's think bigger.


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Much respect to Renee Jean at Cowboy State Daily for covering this story.
Photo Credit Renee Jean at Cowboy State Daily

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